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Course Description:

The aim of the course is for children to develop a positive attitude toward learning English language, gain new knowledge about language and culture, develop linguistic skills and get used to working in pairs and groups.

Age 3rd to 9th grade
Lessons 2 per week / 60 min
Course duration 9 months
Number of lessons 72
Timetable Monday-Friday depending on the preferences of the group
Certificate According to the Common European Framework
Examination At the end of the school year, after passing the final examination (written and oral) the students
get a certificate for the successfully completed level
This aim is accomplished through:
  • practicing linguistic skills via listening and speaking;
  • using Interactive Whiteboards as digital visual aid to grab the pupils’ attention and engage them in class discussions;
  • learning via games and activities that stimulate the development of children’s abilities and make the learning process fun;
  • learning through activities that develop intelligence and thinking capacity;
  • learning through the method of Realia and Total Physical Response, through music, movement, rhythm, songs, sketches and stories in which children can identify with the characters from books, which motivates them to learn.