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Course Description:

The aim of the course is to enable candidates to take one of the internationally recognized exams, to develop their self-confidence and to practice the strategies for all the components of the required exam.

Expected outcomes / results:

On completing one of the??preparation course??for a certain the exam, students??shall (in accordance with the level) be able to:

  • understand the importance of international qualifications in the foreign language;
  • become familiar with the test format, grading, duration of the exam and the validity of the certificate;
  • answer without difficulties the specific requests of the exam, both in terms of form and of content;
  • exchange information, express feelings and exchange opinions with individuals or understand longer texts on various topics after reading them in a set time;
  • write essays, reports, complaints, articles, letters and so, depending on the level of the exam;
  • establish and maintain communication with native speakers in everyday and complex situations, both in written and spoken form;

This is achieved owing to our highly qualified and experienced professors and due to the fact that we use an interactive method of work centered on the student. Students develop language skills and continuously work on assignments that match in their content and form with the assignments they will get at the actual exam. Thereby students??? self-confidence and critical attitude toward their own achievements are enforced.

NOTICE: Certain exams do not contain the Parts of Speaking and Writing. It is necessary for the candidates to be previously informed which exam is required for their needs before we start with the preparation course.

Preparation courses for internationally recognized exams
Exam TOEFL, IELTS General & Academic, ESOL Cambridge Exams (KET, PET,FCE,CAE,CPE), BEC, BULATS,
APTIS, ILEC, ICFE, Zertifikat Deutsch, Goethe Zertifikat, TestDaf, DELF, CILS, DELE etc
Lessons 60, 90 or 120 min
Timetable Depending on the students’ preferences