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Certified Court translations

Within our Educational Center there is a team of certified court translators with many years of experience.
Court translations are necessary when the translation of a particular document needs to be made official and involves translations of official documents from a foreign language into Macedonian and vice versa, in which particular attention is paid to the consistency of the text ie. of its accordance to the original.
The certified court translator translates the required document at the request of a court, state institutions and authorities, legal entity or an individual, and at the same time verifies it with his seal and signature, thus guaranteeing the accuracy and reliability of the translated translation.


– Birth Certificates
– Marriage Certificates
– Degrees / Diplomas
– Certificates
– University Transcripts
– Resolutions
– Contracts
– Statutes
– Statements
– Authorizations
– Offers
– Requests
– Licenses
– Medical certificates / reports